The Situation, the Ledger, You

 If you are an American State Citizen or American State National, you were always owed exemption from paying mortgages, federal taxes, loans of credit (because you were the source of all that credit, unbeknownst to you), utility bills, college tuition, etc., etc., etc.

Get “YOUR” BC’s Now

 If you haven’t yet tracked down certified copies of the Birth Certificates issued in your NAME, do so now. Order at least three copies if at all possible.

The International Trade Bank Answer

 As recently discussed as part of the Jural Assembly Series, the interface between the world of fact and the world of fiction occurs in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea.

Big Announcements and Things I Have to Ask Myself

 I have to ask myself….if my house were burning down, would I care who brought me the news in time to save it?

How to Use Your Paperwork

 The best paperwork in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how to use it, so yes, you need to think about it beyond just recording it.

The US National Debt vs. The American States National Credit

 The US National Debt is approximately 25 trillion dollars.  This debt is owed by United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States.


The National Credit Redemption

When we are afraid of someone — and have cause to be — it’s hard to communicate with them in a rational, factual way.

Most of us retain a quite child-like response pattern when we are  confronted with our own wrong-doing as adults: avoidance, excuses, lies  to to try to escape, blaming third parties, and so on.

We know its wrong. We know in our heart of hearts that our excuses and  explanations aren’t going to work. We are scared and we are wondering,  oh, no, what happens now?